Innovative research for healthy eating in Italy

A young and innovative chef decided to open a new restaurantmodel, preparing tasty and innovative dishes. One of the board designer to have a new experience at diner, using environmentally friendly products and gluten free, I appreciated the quality and the service impeccable, definitely an experience I want to repeat. It could be a model to copy…



2015 The best Holliday in Italy

The house in Liguria, recently completely restored, is a live-in gallery full of  Scandinavian and Brazilian design. The house is rented on a weekly base and the guests experience and interact directly with iconic furniture pieces. 
A real holiday, in a renovated spaceinArt Galleryandmoderndesign. You can relaxbut alsoto experience a newrelationship with artand design,for those who lovebeautiful things...
The old Ligurian house, on 3 floors and 350sqm, recently completely renovated, is surrounded by 4000 sqm. of beautiful terraced gardens and an orchard. The swimming pool, set next to the house, is a converted water cistern of approximately 8x8 m. with overflow and a splendid view over the mountains.The house has been completely rebuilt with traditional materials and stylishly furnished. The interior blends contemporary design and Scandinavian vintage pieces.

A House-Gallery of Art and Design in the quiet of the Ligurian in september...

A stay between art, culture, design and good food

I convinced my friend "Dante" to rent his beautiful house very close to the Cinque Terre and Portofino. It 'a great location to relax and meditate, a place full of magic and culture, the amazing thing is that it has just been released and you can choose your best time for your holiday ..

Between Cinque Terre and Portofino, at the edge of the ancient village of Velva, this country house offers all the charm and nature of Liguria with fantastic sea views.  Very comfortable, recently completely restored by the owner who is an established architect, the property comprises a large, 4 bedroom house, a terraced garden and a pool with a sun deck. 

A word of advice, do not miss this chance ... be the first but you can choose the time you want ... See you soon.... Thank You

Meet up with friends or family of Art and Design...

A word of advice for visiting Italy different ...

La Casa Rossa is a property of the XVIII century comprising a skillfully restored 500 square metres villa set on three levels, a lovely infinity pool (15m x 7m) and a wide panoramic terrace. Set in the hills around Todi, just 5 km west of the town centre, this elegant residence enjoys a glorious view, which embraces the surrounding landscape as far as the banks of the Tiber.

La Casa Rossa can accommodate a maximum of 12 persons in total including 4 children (aged 12 or less) of which no more than 2 are infants (aged 24 months or less). . The best time to be able to appreciate is from June to July, do not be afraid of the price you can share with friends, do yourself a gift as soon as you can ... You will be immersed in the history of the Italian Renaissance and the region offers a world of culture.

La Casa Rossa Todi Italy  Happy holidays ...

Personal Vision - part 2.5

The hypotheses suggested by information on the web

As we have seen, in previous posts, the choice of the central unit, or CPU to put it the old fashioned way, fell on Nokia, this is because I find the products of this company as well as interesting, efficient. My choice has personal reasons: I love Scandinavian design, their products, and if you follow me on Linkedin, you can see that currently collaborating with a design gallery, which has two main collections: the Scandinavian design and the Brazilian design over the years 50 to 60 and their interconnection, two distant places with a philosophy so close. I love the very type of communication and advertising Scandinavian, I find them simply sensational, even if I do not take exactly all shades, for obvious language problems, but they perceive the perfume and beauty. As I said here is the actual status of the project, the choice of glasses, currently in circulation in the Human Interface Technology Lab (HIT), can solve our problems, wh…

... to "Personal Vision"... part 2

The hypotheses suggested by information on the web

One more thing, to meet some friends, all of what you will find written in these pages, this project or project better these reflections did not like the project "Google project glass." In fact, their hypothesis is linked to a vision of Augmented Reality, a term coined in the 90s by researchers Tom Caudell and David Minzell, which identifies a particular extension of virtual reality. Return receipt consists of superimposing the reality perceived by the user, a virtual reality generated by a computerized system in real time. In essence, the user's perception of the world is increased, enriched by virtual objects reconstructed, which provide information to the real environment. There is talk of extending the virtual reality because in this situation the user continues to perceive the real environment, but this may overlap and integration of digital images or data ad hoc products that enrich the reality of information, in or…

How to become a millionaire... part [3]

How you too can have fun online...

Summarize, we have learned that various types of online sales, the seller will, let the term, a trap into a vortex of accumulation of information for a fee, and only after a long period of time, you will find that everything there has led to achievement of the expected results, or rather the goals that you had set. Are you lost in the frenzy of learning with poor results and perhaps even excessive investment. 
Quiet, take a pause for reflection to organize your ideas and find the right strategy to achieve them. In these cases, I recommend the design of a map of your route on how to reach your goal, it is essential and of great help to achieve your goal, and what you have sold so far, you have the basics for this to work. Optimize your actions to avoid wasting valuable time and try to see what you have done so far, with a completely different perspective. Paradoxically, everything you need is already on the web and you can learn for free, or associate w…