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How to become a millionaire online... part [1]

This is anironicmanualfor all thosewho want to earnonline,any referenceto events orpeople is purely coincidental, is therefore to be attributedto an act ofbad faithof the author... introduction...
"Just because it always was, does not mean it always should be"
Any contentinaconnected society(on the web)is comparable to asubject, the natureofany workthat may be.(List,Document, Spreadsheet, Image, Drawing, Sound, Movie, etc.).The web ispar excellence, the place where it iseasyto sell,does not requirelarge investments,alsotheanalysis of your businessand your goalsis simple and quick, compared to traditional systems.4 waysto earn money online...
The experience ofmaking money onlinecan be groupedinto four broadcategoriessimplifying

1)Affiliate Marketing:The firstway to make moneyonlineis therole of a "salesman", you're someone whohas to sellthird-party products, and your taskis to contactpotential customers.If you sellyou receivea commission.
2)Private Label:

Vision of the Future hidden...

I only regretiswritten in Italianfor the manyinternational friendswho follow me, butI have not hadtime to translateeven thougha year ago. It 'a visionof the futurea little bitcrafty, a friend told menowthat the Mayawere wrongbecause theydid notpublish, and here it is. Areresiduos, reflections for adigital path, whichmay give rise tosmall innovations, new attitudestowardssocial media andwhat itwill become, nothingpretentiousindeed, asabloggerI followoftensays"a littleprick" incertain parts.
Anywayenjoy it...

Connessione Irridescente... from MPag 

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The enigma of loyalty...

The connected society reverses the paradigm according to which companies are aproporre its products to customers, leaving it to users to make suggestions.
What's the point now have the loyalty programs offered by companies?

In any nonlinear dynamic system such as network, diversity is a value, people differ in their nature, this also means that the changes made by individual people do not have the same features and do not cause the same changes.

Il chance and Necessity transform mode function loyalty by changing the value signifier?

the enigma of Loyalty from MPag 

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When reflections past, part 2.0...(project-ISA)

Often timemakesprojects orreflections on such subjectsvery interesting.Somerecent innovationsmake it seemmuch morepresent, the projectloses itsunreal atmosphereandacquires its ownreality ...Enjoy

ISA Interactive System Access part2.0 from MPag 

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When reflections past, now become innovations...

Often timemakesprojects orreflections on such subjectsvery interesting.Somerecent innovationsmake it seemmuch morepresent, the projectloses itsunreal atmosphereandacquires its ownreality ..And even if somewords, phrases.seemcrippledin their exposure, the vision of the projectacquiresa forcefor innovation.

ISA Interactive System Access from MPag 

But do not you wonder how it is that the world of medical care in remote uses the most advanced technologies capable of saving substantial social costs, giving a better service care ...
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Be Modern goes to Flanders...

After the overwhelming success of the Ampersandhouse Gallery exhibition our Brazilian Collection will be showcased right at the heart of Flanders, in the “Astra.Lovesliving” showroom in Sint Niklaas,The Astra showroom is a project by the renown Flemish architect Peter Ivens, where he mixes contemporary and vintage furniture with his architectural studio. The space is stunning, recently refurbished with white Carrara marble and wooden platforms. The Brazilian selection will include pieces by Joaquim Tenreiro, Sergio Rodrigues, Jean Gillon and others. The exhibition, staged by Bea Mombaers from Items, will also showcase our Berber and Tulu rugs collection. The glamorous opening will take place on the 12th of October with an evening party organized together with the famous Knack magazine. Astra.Lovesliving | O-L-Vrouwplein 28 / 9100 sint-niklaas | Phone +32.3 766.26.86 f +32.3 766.16.38

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Collective intelligence, this innovation...

For those whosee usmovein packs,to consumethe planet andkill each other, human beings may seemeverything,except...anintelligent community. The thesis of theexistenceof a collective intelligenceemerges from theobservation and thesmall groups, isof great civilizations.One ideawould be tocreateplatforms thatallow groups ofpeople connected to thecomputer to actmore intelligentlygroupswithoutcomputers andcomputers withoutpeople. Working Platformsordynamic systemscapable ofgathering people together, facilitate themininteraction,concentrate theattentionarounda target,coordinateand motivateforceswithexplicitincentive systems. More over, thespeedand complexity of theWebisa great challenge forthose who want tounderstandthe consequences ofcollective intelligence,the moredifficult it is tofullyunderstandthe way in whichthe creative opportunitiesand culturalinfluenceof theentire networkandInternetwill affect thewaysof thinking and acting.

The world isa wonderfullyparadoxical...Paradoxicalis the pro…

technology helps the communication ...

The technologyshould help thecommunication,or at least giveinnovation andinteractivity totraditional communication.Unfortunately it is notalways true,you can now usethe QR codeto interactwith the userin various ways, todayfew doand I wonderif the designers of"large agencies" are too lazy toexperiment with newmethods of communication.Examples mightstimulate them,pillsarean enjoyable experience andalso innovativenot only forthe designbut alsofor the viewer, nothing exceptional, but opens the mind ...enjoy

Advertising & Buzz from Retail by 4in Solutions from MPag

the future: design a garden without water...

I wonderif the future ofmy gardenisaplantingdesignwith plantsthat requirelittle water.Given thescarcityof available waterI wanted tofind a solution tomy gardenand the first thingI dida search on theweb: resultsallsuggest thesucculents.But in mystubbornnessare not sosatisfied, I think there areother solutions,with native plants.Wellmy searchcontinues..I recommend itandif you have suggestionspost itas well.


Shared ideas Designer...

Oftenthe most interesting thingswe findon the Web withacrosssearch. Evenrememberthe waywe didto find them,some people have theMinkand sharethoughtsand innovations.Ijustmention theirjobchallengingbecausethenew design paths...

We are in culture not sales from Helge Tennø

Be Modern in "Ampersand House Gallery"

The beautiful “maison de maitre” of Kathryn and Ike was the place to be last Friday!
Architects, collectors, designers and art lovers, more than 200 people attended the opening of the Brazilian Modern exhibition, in a setting filled with modernist furniture from the Be Modern Brazilian collection, contemporary Brazilian art and photography, jewellery. Exceptional dining table and chairs by Joaquim Tenreiro, armchairs by Sergio Rodrigues and Jorge Zalszupin, and cotemporary silverware by Nilton Cunha together with photographs by Felipe Morozini, were part of this unique atmosphere this exhibition was able to create. A real must if visiting Brussels!

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the Art of living

The interactionbetween artand everyday lifedesign...the newtrends...


Design and art to live

Living in ahomewhere artand designaffectour"senses"...


Art and House

An Art Galleryasa livinghouse...

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Art Gallery House in belgium

Living artand designin their home,turning it intoa place ofinnovation base...


Be Modern forniture is in "Ampersand House"

The stunning discover of a Private Residence/ Art Gallery in the center of Brussels with the new and clever conception of showcasing art work,Brazilian modernist furniture collection and vintage handwoven rugs from the 1950’s-60’s in a residental settings and modernist twist of how to living with Art and Design....



...One can dream how things should to be presented within their own home. A living gallery with the delicate balance mix of modern and vintage.The juxtaposition between past and present.


the house becomes a gallery

The Ampersand House Gallery is ready to open the “Brazilian Modern” exhibition, presenting the iconic Brazilian furniture pieces from our Be Modern collection...

good living.

Introducing Bea Mombaers, creator of “Items”

In the very fashionable, Belgian costal town, Knokke, Bea created a new concept of design gallery: in a traditional family home she opened a a hip bed and breakfast, “B&B Items”, where all the furniture and decoration pieces are for sale
Each time you come back to this stunning home, you find new design pieces and objects. In Knokke, Bea also owns a design store with iconic design and decoration, called also “Items”.
She is also an independent decorator and she will co-curate the forthcoming Be Modern exhibition at the architect’s Peter Ivens’ Astra showroom in Sint Niklaas.


Creativity and Environment...

Our global worldhas been floodedby masses ofobjects.What wereally needare notobjects, butobjectsofgoals.The age ofexperimentsin form andmaterialshas made itsera;began a newera, an erawhere creativityiscorrelation withintheir domains, but also hasthe objective of developinga life free fromself-imposedlimitations. Creativity shouldexpandtheir horizonsandbroaden the scopeof our activitiesincapacityunforeseen andunknown.We need toshift our attentionfrom the objectto the Environmentand the onlyway we couldconnect themtogether,make them coexistina natural balance, it will make them awareof a goal, a purposeinlifeimagined. Ourenvironmentisa sphere, a closed systemsymmetricalin every direction, a sphereisacomplete unit. Once youunderstand the worldinthis way, asa finished object,we no longer havean infinite number ofpossible variables,explained incenturies as the "whims of the gods." It seemsstrange thatthere has not beenexplained the meaning ofhistorical, philosophicaland economict…

A brand experience in Web 2.0..

Adirect experience in thebrand design,some...None of that, though in my opinioninnovativeand passionate,if I can usethe terms.I hope thatsharing itmighthelp someonefor his reflections, I remember when it wasmade​​itssharehasbeen quite successful.

Brand Experience Web2.0 from MPag 


Home collection gallery in Milan

In our permanent Milan showroom we showcase numerous pieces from our different collections. The setting is changed every 2 months to allow new arrivals and new staging concepts to be presented to our clients.

visit your gallery

Discover the history of our country...

Inthis holiday season's most fashionable reflectionis how to makeour cultural heritageaccessiblewithout removingthe pleasure of discoveringthe tourist.In the sense thatwhen you travelto Italyeverycountryplacemore or lesshas a story totell, butyou can not alwaysaccess, we often find monumentsclosedunusable,but stillfascinating, discover "villagers" who improviseandciceronitell stories ofeveryday life.In all this,touristsare fascinatedas ifthey had discoveredsomethingthat is not writtenin the history booksand theirjourney isunique.I do not knowthenhow to givevalueto these modesto do it yourself, whichare typicalof our country,thequestion is that ifwe explorethe topictourismin Italy perhapsthis industrydoes not requirelarge financial investmentsbut more of amanagement trainingresourcesterritorial.

See you soon...

Fragments and reflections to participate in web

There are no topicson the web thatis worthsharing, not onlyfor ourselvesbut for everyone.Ifthetopitem soundsout of placethan the rest, it is not,thatis apiece thatmakes up thepuzzleand widensthe vision.Especiallyif the topic isthendevelopedby a person ofgreat esteemyou..
Thank you

Five Guidelines For Participation from Helge Tennø

The idea is only a part of the design process...

These dayswehearallthecreativeprojectswe imagine, we dispenseinnovativeideasthat we believe, buteven fewerrealizetheproduce. These are notesthat remainon paperin a drawerunder a thousandpapers, no onehasthe courage toface realityrealization. Thehard work thatrequiresthis stepis leftto posterity, or totherpeople.Butthe point of allthis, thereal designalso consistsofthe realization phase, the assumptionthat no companyiswilling to makeour ideasifwe trulybelieveweourselvesproduce. until a fewyears agothe processof designworkthat way, but now whathaschanged? Whyare notmore ablein mostcasesto pursueto the endof ourideas?It would betoo easytoblamethesociety, andit alone,in myopinionthe shift offocusonly on theidea,as such,and nottoits completenesswetend todeprive usof the true realityof design ...
Apersonal example, a projectof about10 yearsago ...

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The new trend, the designer wants to be a chef...

Todaywe shareaninteresting phenomenon, the designer becomescook,or ratheritfeelsand likesto preparemealsby invitingfriendsto make them sharehisculinary creativity. We areprey toMasterChef orotherTV programsthat disseminatethekitchen in allits aspects. Butas Ihave observedthe designeror architecthavea sophisticatedpresentation, butin the approachof thetastesIcertainly leaveperplexed.Agoodsolderingor aperfectcaramelis not onlydue to thecreativity of the people, butproper useof ingredients andcooking temperature. Allthis a few times, however, is not considered, we relymoreonthe presentation thatthe realmixingof flavorsin thedish.Who knowswhat to expectfromrestaurants run bychefsarchitectsor designers, lookingconfuseddishes withflavorsof eastand west, where it will endbutthe pastanoodles andtomatoes, or garlicand olive oiland red pepper?Evenif you have afunctional kitchenand sophisticateddoes not mean thatthe dishesaregood anddelicious... A toastcincin... thank you.