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Creativity and Environment...

Our global worldhas been floodedby masses ofobjects.What wereally needare notobjects, butobjectsofgoals.The age ofexperimentsin form andmaterialshas made itsera;began a newera, an erawhere creativityiscorrelation withintheir domains, but also hasthe objective of developinga life free fromself-imposedlimitations. Creativity shouldexpandtheir horizonsandbroaden the scopeof our activitiesincapacityunforeseen andunknown.We need toshift our attentionfrom the objectto the Environmentand the onlyway we couldconnect themtogether,make them coexistina natural balance, it will make them awareof a goal, a purposeinlifeimagined. Ourenvironmentisa sphere, a closed systemsymmetricalin every direction, a sphereisacomplete unit. Once youunderstand the worldinthis way, asa finished object,we no longer havean infinite number ofpossible variables,explained incenturies as the "whims of the gods." It seemsstrange thatthere has not beenexplained the meaning ofhistorical, philosophicaland economict…

A brand experience in Web 2.0..

Adirect experience in thebrand design,some...None of that, though in my opinioninnovativeand passionate,if I can usethe terms.I hope thatsharing itmighthelp someonefor his reflections, I remember when it wasmade​​itssharehasbeen quite successful.

Brand Experience Web2.0 from MPag 


Home collection gallery in Milan

In our permanent Milan showroom we showcase numerous pieces from our different collections. The setting is changed every 2 months to allow new arrivals and new staging concepts to be presented to our clients.

visit your gallery

Discover the history of our country...

Inthis holiday season's most fashionable reflectionis how to makeour cultural heritageaccessiblewithout removingthe pleasure of discoveringthe tourist.In the sense thatwhen you travelto Italyeverycountryplacemore or lesshas a story totell, butyou can not alwaysaccess, we often find monumentsclosedunusable,but stillfascinating, discover "villagers" who improviseandciceronitell stories ofeveryday life.In all this,touristsare fascinatedas ifthey had discoveredsomethingthat is not writtenin the history booksand theirjourney isunique.I do not knowthenhow to givevalueto these modesto do it yourself, whichare typicalof our country,thequestion is that ifwe explorethe topictourismin Italy perhapsthis industrydoes not requirelarge financial investmentsbut more of amanagement trainingresourcesterritorial.

See you soon...

Fragments and reflections to participate in web

There are no topicson the web thatis worthsharing, not onlyfor ourselvesbut for everyone.Ifthetopitem soundsout of placethan the rest, it is not,thatis apiece thatmakes up thepuzzleand widensthe vision.Especiallyif the topic isthendevelopedby a person ofgreat esteemyou..
Thank you

Five Guidelines For Participation from Helge Tennø

The idea is only a part of the design process...

These dayswehearallthecreativeprojectswe imagine, we dispenseinnovativeideasthat we believe, buteven fewerrealizetheproduce. These are notesthat remainon paperin a drawerunder a thousandpapers, no onehasthe courage toface realityrealization. Thehard work thatrequiresthis stepis leftto posterity, or totherpeople.Butthe point of allthis, thereal designalso consistsofthe realization phase, the assumptionthat no companyiswilling to makeour ideasifwe trulybelieveweourselvesproduce. until a fewyears agothe processof designworkthat way, but now whathaschanged? Whyare notmore ablein mostcasesto pursueto the endof ourideas?It would betoo easytoblamethesociety, andit alone,in myopinionthe shift offocusonly on theidea,as such,and nottoits completenesswetend todeprive usof the true realityof design ...
Apersonal example, a projectof about10 yearsago ...

Thank you mpag

The new trend, the designer wants to be a chef...

Todaywe shareaninteresting phenomenon, the designer becomescook,or ratheritfeelsand likesto preparemealsby invitingfriendsto make them sharehisculinary creativity. We areprey toMasterChef orotherTV programsthat disseminatethekitchen in allits aspects. Butas Ihave observedthe designeror architecthavea sophisticatedpresentation, butin the approachof thetastesIcertainly leaveperplexed.Agoodsolderingor aperfectcaramelis not onlydue to thecreativity of the people, butproper useof ingredients andcooking temperature. Allthis a few times, however, is not considered, we relymoreonthe presentation thatthe realmixingof flavorsin thedish.Who knowswhat to expectfromrestaurants run bychefsarchitectsor designers, lookingconfuseddishes withflavorsof eastand west, where it will endbutthe pastanoodles andtomatoes, or garlicand olive oiland red pepper?Evenif you have afunctional kitchenand sophisticateddoes not mean thatthe dishesaregood anddelicious... A toastcincin... thank you.

During the spring, Italian designers are transformed ....

I findthat duringthe summer, the discussions of designor architectureisveryrelaxingwith
friends (Dante Donegani and Mario Trimarchi )or at leasttheenvironmentallows for amore relaxeddialogueanddepthoftopics. Someof us lovethen dealsdirectlywith nature, liveas if the absenceof itduringthe year therewas missing. We need toget back to basics, creative work does not allowsuch a directrelationship

Innovative creativity is a challenging process...

The design often has to deal with shape, flavor and character to new products. But sometimes companies have prevented the possibility to innovate the image and the feel of the product that they want the image conforms to the standard canons of what it should have. Let me explain a product BIO should be represented by a green image, natural perhaps made ​​of recycled material. I believe instead that the problems of the project must fall from everything, even if they consider some aspects. I wanted to share an experience I lived through and that I was not yet clear how this ends. But if we think carefully we realize that innovation is a difficult process and very long timeline. But if this all can use it to serve well, as you see fit. enjoy

New product exfoliante skin feet from MPag 


Be creative between two continents

I would like tomake some pointsbringing the twoworldsof design, the Scandinavianand Brazilian. We forgetthatwe will seesome of the assumptionsandsensitivityanduse ofmaterialsare very much alike, any more thanwe imaginedat first,butthesetwo arein twodifferent continents, as well astopologicallydistant. Differentclimate, forthe production needs,skilled labor, yetin someproductswe find the sameflavor.Thenwe checkifthe sharingof those yearswe remainappalledhow somecreative processesaresimilar. I citea fewexamplesto think aboutor ratherthat it can deepen.
You will surely findmanydesignsituations, always considerwhereyouaretopologicallydevelopedprojects.
If you wishappprofondiredetailthe twocollectionsand someof the bestdesignersare hereclick.
soongood research
Tell astory injust over aminute,is notsimple.This exampletells aclassicmodern womanin a romantic citywaiting fora meetingoften dreamed. ButI am interested inreflectingon the useof photographyin black andalmostblack,the useof theparticulardesignthat ifyou lookcarefully youcanremember someDanish products.

 dream way...
Incontrastto whatwe seeof the mostboisterous,consisting ofinserts ofBrazilianlizards. Otherproductsarehand-treated leatherfor mytaste a littlechic, withstreaksreminiscentofexotic animals(I challengeany readerof novelsof adventuretoremembersomeone wholooks like), butI think withgoodaccostamenocanalsobeveryfascinating.

You can imagine howandwhat tocombine theseveryspecialbagsfrom the realizationsoffisticata,surelyyou are morebravethan me.ciao

The quote clearly ...

I'd liketomeeta friendImade ​​someobservationson the logoI usefor this blog. It'clearmysummons toManRay, as the topics coveredin this blog arethedesign Ichosea quote fromaSofawhich is presentin the collection ofMOMA. Inthe spiritof acontemporary artistwhoisManRay, and the realization ofGavinais masterful. I just wanted tomake funmakingthis moresocial media, so I used thesmileysymbol...Like itor not isanother matter...Goodday andgood workfor people who work...

I must alsoapologize tomyreadersfor mybad EnglishCiao

The Danish Design can still teach us a lot ...

The thing thatleaves mestunnedas a designer, ishow it was possiblethat asmall countrylike Denmarkhasgeneratedso manytalenteddesignersover the years, and 50-60.If you do acareful search,you'll realizehowat that timeDanish productsfor the homewerewonderful, except thatnowthey are not.It reminds me abitthe phenomenonofItalian design, I also noticedthat many itemsof Danish designwere thensharedin the designby somefamousItaliandesigners. Shareduse ofthe wordinstead's verysocial media.

If youwant to know moreI recommendthis link ...
Scandinavian Collection by BeModern

Thank you... Marco

The renovation project of a house in Liguria

The house in Liguria, recently completely restored, is a live-in gallery full of  Scandinavian and Brazilian design. The house is rented on a weekly base and the guests experience and interact directly with iconic furniture pieces. ( I find this proposal very innovative, it's like if the MOMA in NY would allow me to live in for a week! I had the chance to stay in Casa Leopoldo and I assure you it was great! We had had lunch on the Jacobsen table, I read a book on the Scapinelli chair, I was lying on a couch by Zalszupin, just to mention a few. I interacted with these objects and I've shared, for a short period of time, their story ... this feels good, no matter if you're a designer or not, what maters is to be surrounded by beautiful things. Everything else you can imagine by looking at these pictures....

 Good Job friends

The image of a test product ...

In 2009I attended thelaunch ofa line oftestingproductsonfashiondesign. I mustsay thatalthough theproduct design andmanufacturing qualitywasof greatquality,the linedid not work. My commitmentas a contributorto digital communicationhas beenvery minimaleven thoughthesetwo videos areinterestingin my opinionin their history.
"Travel withease"Enjoy....

Brazilian design a collection for a house in Milan..

A houseis fully furnishedwith designer furniture,Brazilian, and accurate.Living in acollection of greatdesignS.Rodriguez, J.Tenreiro, G.Scapinelli,LiceodeArtedeSaoPauloandOficio. The spacescommunicatewith the user, tellingstoriesof thoughtand reflection, flavors and natural materials. Fragrancesof a continentancient ...

Good Job

Modern and Design: Introduction to the place to be...

Modern and Design: Introduction to the place to be...:
Thisspace isdedicatedto issuesof design in allits forms...from furnitureto clothing,home furnishings, accessories for the person. From the houseto the shoes...

Introduction to the place to be...

Thisspace isdedicatedto issuesof design in allits forms...from furnitureto clothing,home furnishings, accessories for the person. From the houseto the shoes...

Thank you good job