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How to become a millionaire online... part [1]

This is anironicmanualfor all thosewho want to earnonline,any referenceto events orpeople is purely coincidental, is therefore to be attributedto an act ofbad faithof the author... introduction...
"Just because it always was, does not mean it always should be"
Any contentinaconnected society(on the web)is comparable to asubject, the natureofany workthat may be.(List,Document, Spreadsheet, Image, Drawing, Sound, Movie, etc.).The web ispar excellence, the place where it iseasyto sell,does not requirelarge investments,alsotheanalysis of your businessand your goalsis simple and quick, compared to traditional systems.4 waysto earn money online...
The experience ofmaking money onlinecan be groupedinto four broadcategoriessimplifying

1)Affiliate Marketing:The firstway to make moneyonlineis therole of a "salesman", you're someone whohas to sellthird-party products, and your taskis to contactpotential customers.If you sellyou receivea commission.
2)Private Label:

Vision of the Future hidden...

I only regretiswritten in Italianfor the manyinternational friendswho follow me, butI have not hadtime to translateeven thougha year ago. It 'a visionof the futurea little bitcrafty, a friend told menowthat the Mayawere wrongbecause theydid notpublish, and here it is. Areresiduos, reflections for adigital path, whichmay give rise tosmall innovations, new attitudestowardssocial media andwhat itwill become, nothingpretentiousindeed, asabloggerI followoftensays"a littleprick" incertain parts.
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Connessione Irridescente... from MPag 

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The enigma of loyalty...

The connected society reverses the paradigm according to which companies are aproporre its products to customers, leaving it to users to make suggestions.
What's the point now have the loyalty programs offered by companies?

In any nonlinear dynamic system such as network, diversity is a value, people differ in their nature, this also means that the changes made by individual people do not have the same features and do not cause the same changes.

Il chance and Necessity transform mode function loyalty by changing the value signifier?

the enigma of Loyalty from MPag 

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When reflections past, part 2.0...(project-ISA)

Often timemakesprojects orreflections on such subjectsvery interesting.Somerecent innovationsmake it seemmuch morepresent, the projectloses itsunreal atmosphereandacquires its ownreality ...Enjoy

ISA Interactive System Access part2.0 from MPag 

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