How to become a millionaire... part [3]

How you too can have fun online...

Summarize, we have learned that various types of online sales, the seller will, let the term, a trap into a vortex of accumulation of information for a fee, and only after a long period of time, you will find that everything there has led to achievement of the expected results, or rather the goals that you had set. Are you lost in the frenzy of learning with poor results and perhaps even excessive investment. 
Quiet, take a pause for reflection to organize your ideas and find the right strategy to achieve them. In these cases, I recommend the design of a map of your route on how to reach your goal, it is essential and of great help to achieve your goal, and what you have sold so far, you have the basics for this to work. Optimize your actions to avoid wasting valuable time and try to see what you have done so far, with a completely different perspective. Paradoxically, everything you need is already on the web and you can learn for free, or associate with platforms with a minimum of expenditure (max € 27 months), some will deliver professional services needed to best achieve your goals.

Build your map
BuildYour Own map, the way forward, given the starting point and the end point, then identified the steps that you should reach locations or from time to time, traced the path, does not mean that it must necessarily be linear, and Now your assumptions drawn a storm of the various sections to follow, for instance how long you would like to use to go from the starting point to the first location, the first and second, and so on, until you reach the target of arrival. Example, you are a housewife very good at cooking and think of selling your recipes on the Web: "I hear the Master Chef on duty today is very trendy ..."
Starting point: I know how to cook 200 recipes custom, with many different ingredients.

Point of arrival: video delivery of individual recipes, with the possibility for the user to download them, only after registering to my blog and you have paid a yearly subscription fee. (well decide the amount you're not greedy, put yourself in the shoes of your "user type").

Identificationof points or locations transitional ...Step 2. how to make a home video for uploading to Youtube, it is necessary to have either as hardware or as software, found on the Internet all the necessary information, clear and simple.Step 3. how and where to upload my videos on Youtube, so those who can see. Find the tutorial explanatorys directly on Youtube .. If you wish to study issues in network and ask a question 'll certainly find the comprehensive answers .. Step 4. "Create" a blog, here you decide which platform to use, if you are a beginner I recommend Google's Blogger, but if you already feel the geeks can use WordPress very well, in both modes you have available all the necessary information on the Internet. Without getting lost, learn to ask questions to the network, after hearing the opinion of someone who has tried them or is using them, and then decide which is the best solution for you. I recommend everything in Free Mode. Step 5. Create the content on your blog, free articles that explain who you are and what you're talking, which is the subject of your share, posted a winning example of your recipe. Step 6. create paid content, with the various modes of delivery that directly suggests the platform you have chosen. I recommend you dedicate time to a good management system. Step 7. Monitor the delivery of your content, which the public is following you, follow you as if it interacts, if you buy ...

Thus following a logical path to give yourself the timing of learning to realize the various points, always check that these are not inrealizzabili, take more time than expected to obtain a timeline of your project very realistic. Do not be afraid of what you do not know, the Internet will surely give you the answers, the knowledge, but often, paradoxically, the solution will come from the case as well as on your real needs. You happen to run into issues that will seem useless at the moment but then will be critical to your success. 

Conclusion (link in Italian...)
I regard online business as a more complex process, "the subject line" turns into business only after a certain threshold of quality, before this threshold, in my humble opinion, the object should always be free. Especially it should be, given the nature of the Internet and the socio-economic condition we are in, then the threshold of the payment and the gain should be carefully considered by the author of the Object. As experts say, on this topic could be discussed for a timeline infinite, but paradoxically the two philosophies coexist on the internet, (... I find this simply amazing), so I wonder whether it is not a problem, "Ethical and staff" that moves both the quality of the Object place online, and its future business, surely this quality makes the difference dell'Infomarketer or Author ...

... making money online is easy if you have a clear idea and a customized product, otherwise it will be a waste of time. Not all items paid you find on the Web are interesting, but there are some really great, especially if you need a fix... I believe that if you are able to laugh at what you sell and how you sell it you will surely have success, I can not help but "best regard" ..... 

Thank You..


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